Philippe  Allain  has been coaching for more than 25 years and has travelled the world to learn from the best experts in all the different areas of the game.  His passion for learning and sharing has allowed him to become a reference when it comes to technique, biomechanics, fitness, nutrition and psychology.

His knowledge of the game and his experience has made of Philippe one of the most respected golf coach in Europe.

Philippe spent most of his coaching career travelling on the European Tour to assist his players.  He speaks five languages and has great communication skills, which he puts to good use with some of the best international players.

Based in Marbella, and Milan, Philippe has now decided that the time has come to share his knowledge and experience with all passionate golfers regardless of their level.  Whether you are an amateur, and elite player or a junior golfer Philippe will thrive to help you reach your goals.


” 25 years of coaching at all levels have allowed me not only to get a complete understanding of the game of golf but more important to get to know myself better as a person and therefore as  a coach

Thanks to the help of sport sciences and new technologies I am able to get to know my students better and therefore help them reach their goals in the most efficient way possible.  The work has to be clear and simple, always respecting the fundamentals of the golf game.  Our brain and our body learn through experiences not through the quantity of information dispatched no matter how accurate the information is.

I invite you to live a truly new coaching experience, which will make you improve your game ”

Philippe Allain